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Revised:January 6, 2023
Officers and Members
2021-2022 Officers Members
Bob Kahn, President(*) Andrea Bailey
Andria Post 2nd Vice President Paul Benevelli
Pam Newberry 3rd Vice Vice President John Boucek
Sharon Schrack, Secretary, PP(*) Ron Buchholz, PP(*)
Phil Schrack, Treasurer(*) (%) Mitchell Cropp, PP(*)
Mike Tokar, Lion Tame (%) Bill Daly,(*)
Jim Harding, Tail Twister Pete Demeter PP(*)
Leigh Ann Garrison 2 year Director Rick Edwards, PP(*)
Jim Jolly, 2 year Director(*) (%) Claudia Espinoza
Mitchell Bukzin, 1 year Director(*)(%) Linda Force
Larry Graham
Bill Thomas, Membership Director Bill Jarosz
Dave Post, Sight Committee Chair Joyce Jolly
Joe Puleo, IPP Linda Kahn
(*) Recipient of a Melvin Jones Fellow Mike Meehan
(%) Recipient LOVF Humanitarian Beth Phillips
To email a member click on their James Pierce
name Dick Polly, PP(*)
  Charlie Porter
  Debbie Relph
John Relph, PP(*)
  Bill Rogers, PP(*)
  Scotty Scott
  Karl Tritchler,(*) (%)
  Janice Wagner
John Wagner, PP(*)
  Jack Wilson
Dennis Wyatt
PP Denotes Past President